Anais Baku-Nin (anaisbakunin) wrote in anchoragelife,
Anais Baku-Nin

Vote Tomorrow - Tues. April 3rd!

Tomorrow, Alaskans have a chance to vote for equal pay for equal work.  The Alaskan Supreme Court ruled unanimously that all state and public employees should receive equal pay and benefits to care for their families.  The SPECIAL ADVISORY VOTE would challenge this ruling, urging the legislature to amend Alaska's Constitution to exclude same sex partners and their families from receiving the benefits received by heterosexual couples. 

Tomorrow, on Tuesday April 3rd, vote NO on the Special Advisory Vote and vote for equality and health care for all Alaskans.  Tell your friends and family, carpool to your polling place, and get out and act up on this issue!

To find out where to vote, check out the following link and follow the instructions, or just call 1-888-383-8683.
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