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Cell Coverage in Alaska

Hi everyone! We're moving to Anchorage next summer and I have a few questions...

We both currently have Verizon cell phones. Their website claims they have no coverage in Alaska, but other sources say they have cell coverage but no stores... Is that true? Any successful Verizon users? Or do we need to switch carriers?

Also, what bank does everyone use? Google searches have given me a few leads, but personal recommendations are always nice.

Thanks! :)


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Stuff to do on the Kenai Peninsula (not fishing)

We are more or less new to the area here and will be taking some artistically-inclined guests from out of town down to Kenai next weekend. The guests are from Russia; they are a poet and literary translator. Can anyone suggest stuff to do that would be interesting to do for a weekend? We've thought about it and came up with a few activities, but need more info:

We will start by taking them skiing at Alyeska. This we are fairly sure of. Then:

1) It would be neat to find someplace beautiful and remote to stay the night and hike around; we haven't traveled much around here, so we would really appreciate your input. We were thinking of Moose's Pass, both as a hiking / staying location and as a place between Girdwood (where they will have been skiing) and Exit Glacier, Seward, etc. Do you think it is beautiful? Can anyone suggest another location around there that might be remarkable?

2) perhaps Ninilchik to see the older Russian community. The poet is from Russia and this could be interesting for her. Does anyone have any experience with that community or traces of Russian culture? Are there things to do, people to talk to? Tripadvisor and Ninilchik chamber of commerce have not yielded any concrete info, so I would be very grateful for your advice.

3) Anything else that is really remarkable and possible to do this time of the year?

Thank you! Spasibo (same thing in Russian)!
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comments greatly appreciated

Hi everybody,

I have a couple questions! I hope this is allowed.

Let me preface it with a brief explanation. 8 or so of my friends and I are coming to Anchorage in May to shoot a documentary on an event happening. We will probably be there for around a month. It's me (girl) and a bunch of twenty-something year old men, with a lot of photo and video equipment. I have never been to Alaska (I live in Massachusetts) and have not had time to do real research as of yet.

I am wondering, does anyone know what the hostels are like in Anchorage?

Also, what are some good/ cheap places to eat?

ANY information, advice, descriptions, even the smallest amount, will give me a better sense of the place.

thank youuuuu!

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Hey everyone! The Leadership institute is holding a training seminar soon, and I thought you all might be interested! Here's the info:

 Grassroots Campaign School
June 20 - 21 , 12:00 PM
Grace Christian School 12407 Pintail St Anchorage, AK 99516

Close elections are won by between three and five percent of the vote.

Learn how to get the votes you need to win.

The Grassroots Campaign School teaches political candidates, staff, and volunteers how to identify and get to the polls the extra percentage of the vote necessary for victory.

Political technology determines political success. Campaigns and individuals learn how to win using the latest political technology:
  • Learn effective fundraising techniques and the keys to personal solicitation.
  • Maximize the effect of hard-earned campaign dollars by using volunteers and high-impact technology.
  • Ensure your campaign’s success by learning proven Get-Out-The-Vote and Election Day methods.
  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign structure and organization
  • Strategic research
  • Message development
  • Public relations
  • Earned media
  • Coalition building
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Personal solicitation 

    June 20 - 21 , 12:00 PM
    $20 includes
    dinner, course materials, and source book 

    You can register by going to http://www.leadershipinstitute.org/Training/?PageID=School&SchoolID=13826!
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    Do any of you have any experience with Ace Delivery & Moving or another moving company based in Anchorage? I'd love to hear about your experiences. Thank you.


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    Dear Anchorage...eans :-) (?)

    My husband and I'll moving to your land soon.  I got a one-year teaching job at UAA and we're coming from Chicago.

    We know absolutely no one in town, which is a little unusual, and wanted to say hello.  Both of us are humanities-and-arts-oriented people in our late 20s.  I am a poet and he is a skier and we're both literary translators :)  I am originally from Russia; we both speak the language. LJers with similar interests and pointers for hangouts would be much appreciated. Gracias.

    Alaska - Northern Lights
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    Summer job

    Opportunity for summer employment with Alaska's largest distributor of
    Alaskan gift and imprinted sportswear. Servicing Anchorage/Eagle River retail stores (Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, Carrs-Safeway, on-base, etc.),including stocking and displaying merchandise. Some lifting is required. Need to be self-motivated, mature, reliable, energetic, and outgoing individual willing to work independently. Most have own vehicle. A professional appearance is important but no uniform is required. Salary DOE but usually $10-$10.50. References are required.

    Flexible schedule and cohesive group of coworkers (many return for multiple summers due to positive environment). Work begins in mid-May and runs through August or until semester begins. Part or full time possible, dependent upon availability.

    Apply in person at ARCTIC CIRCLE
    ENT. LLC, 3812 Spenard Road Suite# 100 (907-272-4366) or contact at Dave Hobson at daveh@aceak.xom if interested.

    Rabbit Creek Preschool

    It's called Rabbit Creek Preshool (they are in the phonebook) but they are actually in the Ocean
    View area. The school is the model that MOA uses when letting any new preschool get licensed & they are completely run by parent committee so you really do have a say in how your child is taught. They also run as a non-profit so the costs are very reasonble. Unfortunately, because RCP is non-profit it means that they really need all spots filled in the school & right now the 4's pm class is only half filled. As you can imagine this is causing quite a financial hardship. So, please spread the word. Thanks!!!!