Geebs (dancinstrawberi) wrote in anchoragelife,

Hey everyone! The Leadership institute is holding a training seminar soon, and I thought you all might be interested! Here's the info:

 Grassroots Campaign School
June 20 - 21 , 12:00 PM
Grace Christian School 12407 Pintail St Anchorage, AK 99516

Close elections are won by between three and five percent of the vote.

Learn how to get the votes you need to win.

The Grassroots Campaign School teaches political candidates, staff, and volunteers how to identify and get to the polls the extra percentage of the vote necessary for victory.

Political technology determines political success. Campaigns and individuals learn how to win using the latest political technology:
  • Learn effective fundraising techniques and the keys to personal solicitation.
  • Maximize the effect of hard-earned campaign dollars by using volunteers and high-impact technology.
  • Ensure your campaign’s success by learning proven Get-Out-The-Vote and Election Day methods.
  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign structure and organization
  • Strategic research
  • Message development
  • Public relations
  • Earned media
  • Coalition building
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Personal solicitation 

    June 20 - 21 , 12:00 PM
    $20 includes
    dinner, course materials, and source book 

    You can register by going to!
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