hmm (act_5) wrote in anchoragelife,

comments greatly appreciated

Hi everybody,

I have a couple questions! I hope this is allowed.

Let me preface it with a brief explanation. 8 or so of my friends and I are coming to Anchorage in May to shoot a documentary on an event happening. We will probably be there for around a month. It's me (girl) and a bunch of twenty-something year old men, with a lot of photo and video equipment. I have never been to Alaska (I live in Massachusetts) and have not had time to do real research as of yet.

I am wondering, does anyone know what the hostels are like in Anchorage?

Also, what are some good/ cheap places to eat?

ANY information, advice, descriptions, even the smallest amount, will give me a better sense of the place.

thank youuuuu!

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