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Stuff to do on the Kenai Peninsula (not fishing)

We are more or less new to the area here and will be taking some artistically-inclined guests from out of town down to Kenai next weekend. The guests are from Russia; they are a poet and literary translator. Can anyone suggest stuff to do that would be interesting to do for a weekend? We've thought about it and came up with a few activities, but need more info:

We will start by taking them skiing at Alyeska. This we are fairly sure of. Then:

1) It would be neat to find someplace beautiful and remote to stay the night and hike around; we haven't traveled much around here, so we would really appreciate your input. We were thinking of Moose's Pass, both as a hiking / staying location and as a place between Girdwood (where they will have been skiing) and Exit Glacier, Seward, etc. Do you think it is beautiful? Can anyone suggest another location around there that might be remarkable?

2) perhaps Ninilchik to see the older Russian community. The poet is from Russia and this could be interesting for her. Does anyone have any experience with that community or traces of Russian culture? Are there things to do, people to talk to? Tripadvisor and Ninilchik chamber of commerce have not yielded any concrete info, so I would be very grateful for your advice.

3) Anything else that is really remarkable and possible to do this time of the year?

Thank you! Spasibo (same thing in Russian)!

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