Ultimate Frisbee!!!
Wednesday 04/25/07
7:00pm until Dark
David Green Park (corner of 36th and MacInnes - between Latouche & Lake Otis)

It's the first Ultimate Frisbee game of the season! The field is clear and it's time to get our disc on! All skill levels welcome. The winter has undoubtedly rusted our abilities; so it's time to re-hone those skills!

BYOWater and dress to get down and dirty!
Bring friends- the more the merrier!
All are welcome to come join or simply watch the fun- rain or shine.

Don't MISS this ULTIMATE event! Hope to CATCH you there!

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JEOPARDY! Brain Bus in Anchorage!

Come to Shimek's this Saturday to try out to be on JEOPARDY! The Brain Bus will be at Shimek's in the Metro Mall from 11am - 1pm! Don't miss your chance to be a possible contestant on JEOPARDY!

Alaska's Superstation and Clear Channel Radio Stations will be there with fun games as well! Hope to see you all there!

What happens at a Brain Bus Event?

· Have you got game? Play a “just-for-fun” version of JEOPARDY! complete with your favorite JEOPARDY! categories and the authentic signaling buttons. No big bucks awarded here, but there are prizes for everyone! Remember to phrase your response in the form of a question please!

· Where will they turn up next? The JEOPARDY! Clue Crew will be on hand to host the game, answer your questions, sign autographs and give out prizes.

· Do you have what it takes to make it on the show? Take the JEOPARDY! “Pre-Test”. Pass our 10-question qualifying test and you could earn a spot in a real contestant audition (open to adults 18 years or older only). JEOPARDY! Brain Bus guarantee pre-tests to the first 1000 participants at the Brain Bus event!

Vote Tomorrow - Tues. April 3rd!

Tomorrow, Alaskans have a chance to vote for equal pay for equal work.  The Alaskan Supreme Court ruled unanimously that all state and public employees should receive equal pay and benefits to care for their families.  The SPECIAL ADVISORY VOTE would challenge this ruling, urging the legislature to amend Alaska's Constitution to exclude same sex partners and their families from receiving the benefits received by heterosexual couples. 

Tomorrow, on Tuesday April 3rd, vote NO on the Special Advisory Vote and vote for equality and health care for all Alaskans.  Tell your friends and family, carpool to your polling place, and get out and act up on this issue!

To find out where to vote, check out the following link and follow the instructions, or just call 1-888-383-8683.


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Hey everyone!

I will be moving to Anchorage in about 3 weeks, to move in with a military friend of mine.
I am pretty excited, since she told me that it is really pretty there and stuff. My only concern is what is the job outlook there? Would there be alot of open positions or will I have to wait awhile? And what is the nightlife like and all that? I am from California, so I am used to alot of clubs and stuff like that. Oh, and also, any good tips to know will be great. Thanks!
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hello all

the husband and i are considering a move to alaska, specifically anchorage. i want information--good and bad--from the experienced.

if you have a moment, please list five things about anchorage (or alaska in general) that an out-of-towner should factor into their decision of whether or not to move there.
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Ultimate Frisbee Tuesday night!

Hey, I never thought to post it in here, but in Midtown we've got a sizeable group that gets together weekly (or whenever we can) to play Ultimate Frisbee.

If anyone wants to come, our next night (Ultimate Night 7) will be this Tuesday. Here's some info...

Ultimate Frisbee Night 7!
David Green Park
(Corner of 36th & MacInnes, between Lake Otis and New Seward)
Tuesday, June 20th
All cool people welcome to play. You don't have to be good; you don't even have to know how to play. We're more than happy to teach new players and I have some full-proof training techniques (throw it straight at your face so you either catch it or get hit ;-) just kidding). Come one, come all- and bring your friends for a good time! It's recommended that you bring a bottle of water for yourself and dress to get dirty- just in case. Hope to see everyone there!

If you'd like more information and/or notice of future Ultimate Nights, comment and let me know. Hope to see you there!
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Sup Yo!

So, My girlfriend recently took a job with the University, so we will be moving to Anchorage from Minneapolis (Minnesota). Towards the end of May we will be flying up to look for an apartment. If you know of a decent place that is relatively close to the University (on the Bus line maybe), we would like to hear about it. Oh, any suggestions for where to go for some nightlife while we are there? Thanks in advance.

Listen to your radios!

AH! Before I forget entirely, everyone in the Anchorage area should tune into KRUA 88.1FM tonight between 10pm and 1am to here me be a special guest co-host on Peter's show.

There'll be violence, yelling, porn, and many offensive stereotypes. TUNE IN!
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